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Optimized Hybrid Work Schedules

Many offices benefit from a hybrid work schedule, but without our analysis, it can be difficult to determine the right schedule for your particular office

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Business Benefits

Effective hybrid work is about bringing in the right combination of employees to foster meaningful collaboration, interpersonal connections, and company culture. An optimal hybrid work regime will allow you to achieve some combination of these goals while minimizing office space requirements and abiding by employee preferences. Conversely, a poor (or poorly executed) hybrid work schedule will reduce these benefits while embittering employees.

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Environmental Benefits

By more efficiently using the days your employees come into the office, you can achieve the same amount while requiring them to come in fewer days per week. This leads to many fewer commutes, resulting in a much decreased carbon footprint. It is also possible to reduce the amount of office space needed, thus reducing both your carbon footprint and your environmental impact more generally.

Social Impact

Forcing employees to come into the office can have disparate impacts on different groups. For example, working mothers have many reasons why they can not work from the office five days a week. Carefully considering the preferred schedules of employees, and efficiently using the days they come to the office is not only a sign of respect, but an easy way to minimize imposition on employees.

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Simulation Tool

Before making major and often costly decisions about the office, it is helpful to understand the effect that these decisions would have on hybrid work.  Simulations can illustrate the consequences of anything from changing the availability of office space to changing how many days employees come into the office to organizational restructuring.

What We Do

We work with you to create hybrid work schedules which take into account which teams collaborate with whom, the relative value and size of each team, each team's availability, their preferred schedule, and many other variables. We can optimize these hybrid work schedules to most respect employees' desired schedules, encourage crucial inter/intra team interactions, maximize office space utilization, or any combination thereof. We can also program in a wide range of custom requirements specific to your needs. 

Our Advantage:

Quantitative Optimization and Simulation

Our Quantitative Modeling Can:

  • Simulate and optimize over many variables, and thus make schedules personalized to your office and how your employees work.

  • Accurately model the web of relationships which define how teams interact with each other.

  • Include complicated personal preferences and availability

  • Quantify your hybrid work goals and produce different options for schedules which balance between two or more conflicting objectives.

  • Run multiple simulations to investigate the effects of various policies on hybrid work.

Our Services

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